With SMAC you  have lightning monitoring in real time|receive lightning, heavy rain and gale alert on your cell phone| have satellite images, weather radars, surface stations and more...


Monitoring and sending alerts 24 hours a day for lightning, heavy rain
or gale conditions to your location or area of ​​operation.


Get alerts by voice, SMS,
Email and PUSH

Monitor storms

Program with climate
risk tables

Real time lightning

Largest network of
weather stations in Latin

Access to historicrain, temperature and lightning

Monitoring 24h / 7 days per week

Operational alerts

Satellite image

Weather forecast 72h

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How to plan


With SMAC, you can minimize project risk and vulnerability across multiple industry sectors and IT can be tailored to your business. The system assists in making fast and accurate decisions.

Push, SMS, Email or voice

The system monitors and alerts in real time storms, windstorms, hail and lightning anywhere in Brazil.

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Have stored the history for later checks and analysis, whether it is accumulated rain, temperatures, lightning or alerts issued. Monthly receive this report by email.

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