With Ocean Report  you're alerted|you have monitoring of the ocean-atmospheric conditions

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Ocean Report
Ocean Report is a product dedicated to the offshore market. With the system of alerts and monitoring of ocean-weather conditions for all Brazilian coast.

Ocean Report
brings information on:

Alerts and

Wave height
and direction

Strong wind

Get information
every 3 hours


How it works?

You will have access to a weather report bulletin every 3 hours for a period of 7 days. You will also receive alerts for strong wind conditions and wave heights according to your needs. Weather and sea bulletins are sent twice a day, morning and evening.

What is it for?

Climatempo has high spatial resolution models to assist in port operations and maritime movement areas. We have developed a methodology that has been hugely successful with vessel commanders.

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With the Ocean Report, you will receive information on: Visibility, Wave Period, Wave Height, Mean Wave Height, Mean Wave Direction, Wind Gust, Intensity, and Mean Wind Direction.